About Dinara 
mirdinara kichen

My name is Dinara Mirtalipova, I'm a textile artist, illustrator who makes practical, beautiful, environmentally-friendly kitchen towels.

I started designing and making my tea towels locally in US since 2009 and selling them through the world’s most vibrant handmade marketplace Etsy. The designs quickly drew interest of a lot of people and I gained an amount of loyal customers, among which numerous boutique owners across US and Canada. Over the next couple of years, while in the process of expanding my line of kitchen towels, along with beautiful and cheerful designs, I was also seeking to deliver the best possible high quality products with the environment in mind. And after a lot of research, in 2014 I finally launched Mirdinara Kitchen.

Mirdinara Kitchen is a line of 12 decorative 100% cotton kitchen towels for everyday use. Every towel features one of my unique illustrations, a whimsical folk art style, which is inspired my childhood spent in Uzbekistan, an Asian country influenced by soviet Russia. This unique combination of south-eastern and folk fairy tales art come to live in my kitchen towel designs and brightens the home of many families.

I am proud to say that I now support fair-trade and that each towel of my new 2014 collection is hand silk screened by special craftspeople in India using dyes obtained from plants and minerals native to the country. Each towel is then quality checked and inspected by me personally, and carefully packaged in a FSC certified craft stock paper box here in the US. The packaging features my illustration as well, making a simple product like kitchen towel, a festive, unique and meaningful gift for a variety of occasions, including house warming, bridal showers, birthdays, weddings, mother’s days, Christmas, and host gift for every holiday.

mirdinara kitchen


As an extra, every of my kitchen towels comes with a recipe card with a purpose to encourage healthy eating habits. Being a mother myself, I focus my energy on being a good role model to my daughter, and one of the examples of that is simply cooking healthy food. This contributes to our philosophy at Mirdinara Kitchen, where we support quality family time and believe that cooking together stimulates healthy relationships between parents and children, empowers independence and responsibility, fosters key elements of child development, such as socialization, task-completing, imagination and creativity.    

We are passionate about our product and we stretch beyond the expectations to satisfy our customers. We are committed to stay environmentally friendly and responsible, with respect to human labor and apprising craftsmanship and creativity. We seek to connect and partner with other companies who shares our values.

Mirdinara Kitchen
mirdinara kitchen

Mirdinara Kitchen is a line of tea towels designed by Dinara Mirtalipova and inspired by her ethnic background and folklore. Mirdinara Kitchen supports healthy eating and cooking with your family, sharing recipes and stories of what is your favorite dish to cook. 
At Mirdinara Kitchen we believe that cooking together stimulates healthy relationship and brings joy to food making. Kids greatly benefit from being involved in the process of food preparation, as they learn and gain confidence by participating.
Through the stories we share about cooking together we are aiming to inspire our readers to rather try and learn new recipes, then purchase processed food. 

The Promise

We are passionate about our product and we want to bring only the best textiles to your home. Every tea towel has been quality checked and inspected. We started as handmade on Etsy years ago and tried and tested different materials. 
At Mirdinara Kitchen we look forward to expend our line to other kitchen textiles, such as aprons, table runners, table clothes and others. Your support and loyalty will only inspire us to deliver great product and service. 

We are committed to stay environmentally friendly and responsible and we support Forest Stewardship Council. Our packaging boxes are printed in the USA and have FSC certification.