Cooking together brings people closer and helps build an emotional connection.

Can you imagine the importance of cooking together with your kiddos?! Beside learning about healthy foods, through playful process of preparing simple recipes kids feel more interacted with us, important and loved. 

I once was a super busy mom who worked 40 hours at a day job and who freelanced at night. Sabrina was 2 years old and she was staying at home with the grandpa. I missed seeing her so much and I felt like I didn't spend enough quality time with my child. 

On Saturday mornings I was usually preparing breakfast, while everybody was still asleep. One morning Sabrina brought her stool and asked if she could join me and help. That was it! That was the moment I realized how happy she felt from being part of breakfast preparation, how important and valued and proud she felt of her cracking the eggs all by herself and mixing and stirring and wiping off her messes. 

I instantly wanted to tell all of my close relatives how awesome that morning was for the both of us and more importantly, I was eager to hear stories of others of how they cook together with their kids and what is it that they are making.

This was the begging of MirdinaraKitchen.

I am Dinara Mirtalipova - an artist, a fabric designer and an illustrator. I have been making tea towels for a very long time just for fun. I liked how by simply changing a tea towel you can easily change an atmosphere in your kitchen. So I decided to design twelve tea towels inspired by my origin and use these tea towels as my tool to create a community of people who wanted to share their stories of how they cook together.

It is about making our relationship with our kids stronger, about building a bond through the language of cooking. It is just about kids and parents of all ages, from toddlers to those who are far in adulthood. 

Every tea towels comes in a beautiful packaging that is still in the design process. It will be festive and totally gift-able. But there's more!

Every tea towel will carry a collectible recipe card (4x6) with an illustrated by an artist recipe on one side and a story of a family who shared that recipe on the flip side. 

Every tea towel will come with a little tag that will prompt people to send their stories to us and to share about their cooking adventures.

But there's more:

Being a mother, my heart aches for every child that is unhappy. With all my heart I do believe that children should never ever feel lonely, unloved, threatened or hurt. I wish there was a power to stop all the sufferings of children. Alas, I can't save the world. But I do believe that with every little effort we can unite and help at least one particular child that is left alone. I'm going to donate $1 from every sold tea towel to a child that needs help. I support the idea of a business model that is about giving back. 

Please support my start-up! Every each of us can make a small difference and united we can improve the quality of our lives.

With much love,








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